I miss you!!!

I wish I could go back.

To the times when I’d take long rides in the dull afternoons of summers on my tri-cycle. And would find the joy of worlds in a five-rupee note that’d bring me 2-rupee cake, a ras-gulla and what not.

I wish to go back to the times when you’d bring back my report card and I’d hide behind the door, ashamed at having scored a second. I always wanted to make you proud.

And to the times when in the dim mud-scent of winter rains, we’d go on a long drive and in the silence of Multan’s sub-urbs, you’d let me your words of inspiration.

I wish to go back to the times when everything was so simple and mundane. And nothing mattered, nothing at all, but you and everything was so perfect!! When you’d wake up every evening to tell me the tips on gardening and I’d fondly follow all around the garden..

I wish!!  Oh I so wish Abu jee!!


Born To Die

Born To Die

Born To Die

The seconds pelt our paths as we inch towards the fall. The hour hands sound horridly harsh when the wind picks up the rustle of our steps on brown, bronzed leaves. And the hands clasped together, moist with dense anticipation, shudder ever so slightly. The clocks slow down, until they come to a stop the exact moment when moon melts down from the sky and onto our skins. And we ravenously treat ourselves, closer still, mocking time and jesting at fate. The euphoria rises atop tall tree-tops and ascends towards the heavens where it shines from the stars and urges us on. We lose the measure of our steps or the time left. And just when the fall comes, we willingly take the leap, vividly conscious of our beings, through each other. The fall no longer seems daunting.

The Rain



The Rain Salman Altaf

The Rain … The Beauty Of nature 🙂

As the meek shower started, I stood there under the sky, letting it drench me – sooner, however, it was torrential drench breaking down in squalls. The wind, that typical monsoon wind mingled with Multan’s gypsy-lusted violent currents of air – it melted down to a melodious symphony, flapping softly at my shirt as I stood contemplating the intoxicating mud-scent. Away, far away, up in the zenith, the whites were giving way to greys, shaded fluffs in placid exaltations, rising in ridges and cliffs, conquering the welkin’s canvas. I felt homely – in there, in those pleasantly damp moments, amid the rustling winds, I could relate. Those slanting angels the rain-drops made, the snakes twirling on windows and the enchanting music of them tapping all over – it was something out of this world, as it always have been.

In a few moments, perhaps hours, for I wouldn’t know, such was my exalted stupor, the whites were re-emerging from ‘neath a shade dense. The rain grew thin once again to a meek shower and then stopped. The wind rustled, celebrating the occasion – and an occasion it was, a rare one, of a solitary meditation of the spirit.

I opened my eyes, cleared the drops now trickling down my face and smiled – I was content with my fair share.

About me


About SalmanAltaf And His Blog

This blog is my place to vent. It contains my rants, my poetry, my published articles and other random write-ups.

I am a software engineer, a mistake, a writer, my passion, a romantic, by nature, an ardent rationalist, as per the yardstick of faith, a humanist, on the moral scale, a narcissist, somewhere deep inside, a hedonist and a lazy sloth.

Salman Altaf


The commonplace philosophy is that there are two ways of living life – to let it be, or to not let it be. I think there’s a third way too – to have some cookies and sleep on it.

I have opinions over nearly everything and I love to be judgemental. I hate to pretend that holier-than-thou aura of being not judgmental on people, things, everything and anything at all. Oh and I love my views because they’re mostly awesome.

Finally, this blog doesn’t belong to any certain category. I love meddling into all terrains of human thought, being happily bestowed with a head which never stops thinking weird stuff.

So well…that’s that. Enjoy your visit.

Bhoja Airline Crashed In Pakistan near Koraal Chowk Rawalpindi – 20th April 2012

Bhoja Airline Crashed In Pakistan near Koraal Chowk Rawalpindi – 20th April 2012

Bhoja Air Boeing 737 plane crash in Islamabad kills all on board

Human Life has become so cheap in Pakistan.Every day they will hit a plane somewhere and then invent excuses.No where in the world you will see such frequent air crashes.Airports should be shifted away from cities.Old planes should be abolished and placed out of service immediately.Every dick and hary with money at hand will buy any scrap in the name of air plane and will start the substandard unsafe air service.Is there any end to this deliberate killing of innocent people of my country?

Imran Khan – to vote for or not?


To vote:

• There’s no doubt in the fact that he has magnetized the youth, especially the urban youth, to abandon the comfort of their homes and move forward from mere words; Imran Khan brought them to the streets and no matter how or what he is, he at least unfolded a new chapter in our youth’s political activism which is a dire need today.

• On a neutral stand-point, Imran Khan is someone who hasn’t been tested yet. Despite all the talk about Imran Khan being the ‘suicide’ option, even worse than status quo, the fact remains that so far, Imran Khan has never been found involved in any corruption charges. And the feats he has achieved in the past, from leading Pakistan to a run for World Cup to establishing the hospital and a university, all these clearly tell that here is a man who wants a social change and who has tried to bring it as far as he could. So, after all give and take, Imran is still someone who one seeks out as a possibly better option. In short, his past record shows him a man who is honest and incorruptible.

• Imran Khan does not come from a political background or hasn’t been launched by one of the major political parties and then took his own stage. He’s self-made, in so far as his political achievements are concerned.

• Imran Khan is a face well-known internationally. He is a person who knows how to speak well, how to get his point across and how to adjust to different kinds of audiences. Just ask yourself, who would the world take more seriously when addressing at UN General Assembly – Mian Nawaz SharifAsif Ali ZardariAltaf Hussain (just saying) or Imran Khan? Plus, his British connections may let him sale relatively smoother in the rough waters of foreign diplomacy. That, of course is an assumption but a fair comparison lends it weight.

• Not only youth but a number of intellectuals, media personnel and a constituency of literate populace sides with him. While you will see men shipped from rural regions and ‘patwaris’ are the gatherings of both PPP and PML-N, the jalsa at Minar-e-Pakistan had people from all walks of life, most of the politically conscious, at least in comparison to the voters of PPP and PML-N.

• Thus far, Imran Khan hasn’t pitched in any ethnic-centric, region-centric or any other exclusive rhetoric. He claims to be fighting for elimination of corruption, all over Pakistan. Whatever the manifesto of PTI encompasses, it speaks for the entire Pakistan. And that is manifest in both the words and actions of PTI thus far.

• Imran Khan talked about women rights, about educating Pakistan and similar other objectives which pretty much constitute much of what’s wrong with Pakistan today.

Not to vote:

• The chief problem that I find with Imran Khan is his anti-US rhetoric and pro-Taliban stance. Of course he hasn’t openly supported Taliban like JI and others, he has never spoken against him. He speaks of talking to Taliban by ending war or terror and thus restoring peace but all this is a highly impractical as well as illogical. Taliban are not ready for talks, their Shriah-aimed ambitions are not regional but universal and they are not to be told to ‘give up’ their demands just like that. A recent proof to that can be found in the example of the fate Rabbani met in Afghanistan.

• Another great concern is about the personnel his party has been embracing. From Hamid Gul to Jamat-e-Islami rightists, his party has well catered to all sorts of members without disagreeing with their ideology. PTI has also been indiscriminate towards accepting such politicians who have abandoned other ships or were kicked out, some of them even on corruption charges. So whereas yes, Imran Khan comes clean on the issue of corruption, his party seems to be taking a somewhat relaxed stance towards it.

• The worst, of all things leveled against Imran Khan, is his alleged involvement with the deep state or what we know as military establishment. There has been talk of agencies supporting his cause and Imran’s tacit approval of army’s actions since he never talked against the army or it’s exploitations in Pakistan. And this allegation gains much currency when one sees that right now, PTI is only hurting PML-N’s vote-bank, the only party in the political arena who aims to bring army to accountability. Naturally, the logical path for army is to support Kaptaan and that is understandable – but Kaptaan’s support for army is what perplexes many since corruption simply can never be eliminated from Pakistan until army, too, is brought under accountability.

• Recently, PTI arranged a demonstration in Peshawar where it blocked roads to barr NATO tankers from going across. According to media reports, the demonstration was attended by a number of extremist right-wing parties. Also, on the way back, Imran stopped by at the Maulana Sami-ul-Haq’s seminary, the great madressah which has the ‘honor’ of having first launched Taliban who were students there. This is not to hand-pick a single example and lambaste PTI over it – rather, this is simply a proof to the aforementioned assertion that Imran Khan seems to sport pro-Taliban sentiments – now whether these sentiments arise purely out of his anti-US strategy or are these a result of some military minds working to shape PTI’s orientation, one cannot say. But those are the facts.

While that pretty much sums the chief features of both sides of the mirror, let me add that I haven’t absolutely ticked off Imran Khan. He has made his presence known and he may well have a political future, perhaps a significant one. What makes me wonder is that in recent days, in fact within a week of his jalsa, a number of intellectuals have been won over by him – they are optimistic, liberal, humanists and they see a hope in him. My sole hope with Imran Khan, however, is that the mistakes he has made thus far and the errors he has committed in the estimation and ideology of the Taliban and other right-wingers is a result of his naiveté and political immaturity, further bolstered by the ‘patronage’ of JI hawks and exploited (?) by the military establishment. One can only hope that once the liberal coterie abandons its distanced criticism and joins the flock, Imran Khan may have a chance of bettering his views and consequently, his policies. I, personally, think he will be the last man to concede to the implementation of Shriah.

When life goes on

And Life Goes On

The days have passed swiftly and nights have dragged on, morosely.

And I have seen – I have seen winters wither and summers bloom and dreams grow anew every spring. I have seen the dingy ceilings, stifling the air in it’s own arrest. And the heavenly meadows under an overcast sky, laden with flowers, colourful, and the grass, green, which sways with the gentlest breeze as if dancing to the symphony of time. And I have seen life shine in the mischievous sheen of your eyes when you smile.

I have seen days of optimism when everything entices you on to victory. And days when you give up on your dreams as the bitter reality hits you hard in the face. And you wake up from the cozy seat of your car to realize how harsh the wind is when the glass breaks. And the blood, when it trickles down, how it numbs all feeling of horror and fear and all your sensations try hard to concentrate on that far-away, blurred, blurring notion of something, somewhere that was once so beautiful that you had thought that it would suffice. And then, when the grief gushes and pours forth, tearing apart your restraints. But that too passes, and with a sigh, you give up…

…only to rise the next day with a renewed rigour and hope. And in this oscillation between hope and uncertainly, pure joy and dull misery, tiredness emanating from it all and at it’s consummation, another sense of fulfilment…amid it all, life goes on..