About me


About SalmanAltaf And His Blog

This blog is my place to vent. It contains my rants, my poetry, my published articles and other random write-ups.

I am a software engineer, a mistake, a writer, my passion, a romantic, by nature, an ardent rationalist, as per the yardstick of faith, a humanist, on the moral scale, a narcissist, somewhere deep inside, a hedonist and a lazy sloth.

Salman Altaf


The commonplace philosophy is that there are two ways of living life – to let it be, or to not let it be. I think there’s a third way too – to have some cookies and sleep on it.

I have opinions over nearly everything and I love to be judgemental. I hate to pretend that holier-than-thou aura of being not judgmental on people, things, everything and anything at all. Oh and I love my views because they’re mostly awesome.

Finally, this blog doesn’t belong to any certain category. I love meddling into all terrains of human thought, being happily bestowed with a head which never stops thinking weird stuff.

So well…that’s that. Enjoy your visit.


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