I miss you!!!

I wish I could go back.

To the times when I’d take long rides in the dull afternoons of summers on my tri-cycle. And would find the joy of worlds in a five-rupee note that’d bring me 2-rupee cake, a ras-gulla and what not.

I wish to go back to the times when you’d bring back my report card and I’d hide behind the door, ashamed at having scored a second. I always wanted to make you proud.

And to the times when in the dim mud-scent of winter rains, we’d go on a long drive and in the silence of Multan’s sub-urbs, you’d let me your words of inspiration.

I wish to go back to the times when everything was so simple and mundane. And nothing mattered, nothing at all, but you and everything was so perfect!! When you’d wake up every evening to tell me the tips on gardening and I’d fondly follow all around the garden..

I wish!!  Oh I so wish Abu jee!!